• SpeedLingua – tune into a language!

    Every language has its own dominant frequencies and its own musicality, which is why one’s auditory ability varies according to one’s own mother tongue. Certain sounds and combinations of tones are perceived more easily, others less so. The result: one hears utterances incorrectly and has problems of comprehension.

Accelerate your learning success

inlingua language courses in combination with SpeedLingua accelerate your learning success

  • In short audio units you learn to hear the difference.

  • Tonality perceived directly by your hearing helps you “tune into” the target language.

  • Precise repetition raises the level of your language proficiency and increases your rate of speaking.

Crash Kurse

The fundamentals of the SpeedLingua learning units

The SpeedLingua process is based on the following three scientific laws:
1.     The voice can only reproduce perfectly what the ear hears.
2.     If what is heard is modified, then the pronunciation also changes.
3.     Phonation can be sustainably changed by maintained aural simulation.

Hear better – speak more quickly – communicate more comprehensibly

SpeedLingua supports you at every level:

Initially, it’s important to adapt to the new, unfamiliar tonality and thus avoid typical misunderstandings.
More advanced students can significantly increase their rate of speaking with SpeedLingua, reduce irritating accents and adjust even better to the persons with whom they are speaking.

Order our new SpeedLingua program to suit your inlingua course.

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