Intensity Programm® English

Reach your language goal fast

The Crash Intensity Program is particularly suited for targeted preparation for specific situations such as job interviews or presentations. In this course you’ll receive several hours of individual training every day in order to reach your language goal as fast as possible. Through constant intensive communication with highly qualified trainers who are native speakers, you learn to make the English language your own in an effortless way. The content of the training is adapted to your individual needs and goals. 
Be convincing through excellent preparation! Master your language goal with confidence and ease – the inlingua Crash Intensity Program.

By the way, you can choose different levels of training intensity, and in addition, have a daily working lunch with your trainer.

Prices and dates

TypeIntensity1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks
CIP® 2020 hrs./week
4 hrs./day
€ 920€ 1.800€ 2.640€ 3.440
CIP® 3030 hrs./week
6 hrs./day
€ 1.350€ 2.640€ 3.870€ 4.920
CIP® 4040 hrs./week
8 hrs./day
€ 1.760€ 3.360€ 4.920€ 6.400
Super CIP® 4040 hrs./week
8 hrs./day
€ 2.010€ 3.860€ 5.670€ 7.400
Super CIP® 5050 hrs./week
10 hrs./day
€ 2.350€ 4.500€ 6.600€ 8.800

Course content Crash Intensity Program English (also suitable for business English)

  1. Course content Crash Intensity Program English (also suitable for business English)
  2. Individual preparation for specific situations such as dealing with business partners abroad, conferences and negotiations.
  3. Active conversation and systematic progression of vocabulary
  4. Confidence in speaking for small talk, meetings, presentations, phone calls and correspondence
  5. Choose from different levels of intensity
  6. Daily working lunch with your trainer
  7. Free additional participation in our conversation class (up to twice a week)
  8. Access to our online learning tool iOL with additional exercises at your language level

Our offering for you

Recognized exams

We prepare you for exams! inlingua Berlin is a recognized exam centre for TOEIC. Talk to us about TOEIC exams. 


We can put together an individual training plan for your company, suited to the language requirements of your employees.

Online-Placement test

To find a suitable course, it is important that we assess your current language level with the help of the inlingua placement test.



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