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Integration courses are subsidised by the German state through BAMF. Courses have a maximum number of 900 hours of German for any qualifying learner. In addition there is also an orientation course of 100 hours.

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Course structure

The language course is made up of the basic language course of consisting of 300 hours followed by a consolidation course with another 300 hours. Learners with no prior knowledge of German generally take the whole course starting with the first module and can use the total 600 hours to reach B1 level. Individual course modules can of course always be repeated at a learner’s own expense. Should you fail the B1 examination after the 600 hours there is possibility to apply for a further 300 of lessons.

The orientation course is made up of 100 hours and should be taken by all participants. Learnes with good previous knowledge can take only this module with having done the language course.

Courses for beginners and advanced learners
  • courses for beginners have between 400 and 600 hours (45 minutes)
  • courses for more advanced learners are normally about 300 hours (45 minutes)
  • plus 100 hours for the orientation cours
Who qualifies

Foreign citizens, who according to § 44 of the residence law or late resettlers and their families, who according to § 4, § 7 or § 9 of the Federal Expellee Law have a right to German courses.

It has been mandatory for immigrants to take part in this since 01/01/2005. Foreign citizens already living in Germany such as EU citizens, spouses, cohabiters or family members can also take part and apply for funding.

The cost€ 2,29 per hour = € 229,00 per module (100 hours)

The subsidised integration course costs € 2,29 per training hour. The fee for 100 hours (€ 229,00) must be paid in advance upon registration. (Recipiants of Sozialhilfe or Arbeitslosengeld II can apply for an exemption.)

Advice and placement test?

If you have some prior knowledge of German we can do a placement test to see exactly wher you stand and in which module you can begin. Placement test and advice are given to all those interested at the following times:

  • Kleiststraße 23-26: Monday to Thursday, 09.00 to 17.00 and Friday, 09.00 to 16:00

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