Internationally recognized Certificate for English

TOEIC L&R (Test of English for International Communication, Listening & Reading, 2 skills) evaluates and documents the ability to use English in professional situations. Test questions are based on authentic real life examples from everyday work scenarios. The TOEIC L&R test consists of 200 multiple choice questions: 100 questions for listening comprehension and 100 questions for reading comprehension. All questions have to be answered within 2 hours.

Proof of language skills with TOEIC L&R

Testing of English language skills for students, graduates and professionals who require proof of their language skills for work or studies.

  • Internationally recognized certificate
  • Score report including points received (10-990 points)
  • Individual evaluation with strength and weaknesses analyses
  • Interpretation table with Can-Do statements and GER evaluation

Exam Dates - TOEIC L&R, Kleiststraße 23-26, 10787 Berlin

Exam Date     Register until     Price
31.05.202410.05.2024€ 190,00
28.06.202410.06.2024€ 190,00
26.07.202408.07.2024€ 190,00
30.08.202412.08.2024€ 190,00
27.09.202409.09.2024€ 190,00


Preparation courses for TOEIC L&R exam

More than 10,000 companies, universities, colleges and other educational institutions in over 120 countries use the TOEIC exam. For the best exam preparation, you can attend a TOEIC preparation course at inlingua Berlin.

How can I register for a TOEIC L&R exam?

We are happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding the exam and our preparation courses. Simply call us or arrange a meeting at our school in Berlin to receive indepth advice. We are here for you!

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Customer Advisory

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