Crash Intensity Program®


Crash courses in German

Whatever your objective may be.

If you wish to acquire specific language skills or prepare for special situations such as meetings, negotiations or a stay abroad, but lack the time to do so on a regular basis, then a crash intensive program is ideal for you. An inlingua Crash Intensive Program CIP© means highly intensive language training. You are taught by a coordinated team of teachers selected in accordance with your needs. Only the target language is used, and you are in constant dialogue with your teachers. You have maximum speaking practice. Because it is so intensive, what you learn really sticks. In addition, it has all the advantages of a private one-to-one lesson, where we tailor the course to suit your needs so that optimal results can be achieved. You set your own pace and your teachers concentrate on you only.

TypeIntensity1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks
CIP® 20

20 hrs./week
4 hrs./day

€ 900€ 1.760€ 2.580€ 3.360

CIP® 30

30 hrs./week
6 hrs./day

€ 1.320

€ 2.580

€ 3.780

€ 4.800

CIP® 40

40 hrs./week
8 hrs./day

€ 1.720

€ 3.280

€ 4.800

€ 6.240

Super CIP® 40

40 hrs./week
8 hrs./day
€ 1.970

€ 3.780

€ 5.550

€ 7.240

Super CIP® 50

50 hrs./week
10 hrs./day

€ 2.300

€ 4.400

€ 6.450

€ 8.600

The advantages at a glance

  • faster to your objective, thanks to daily intensive one-to-one training
  • tailor-made training program
  • you determine the goals and speed
  • perfect course form to prepare for specific individual training needs such as presentations and interviews
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